Client Testimonials

*Identifying details have been changed for privacy

“I would say to anyone who is thinking they might have a problem, you must do it – even if just to put your mind at rest. The skills and knowledge I’ve gained are invaluable. I now feel I am living my life, not just existing in it"

*Dean, aged 25

“I now have the respect of family and friends. I have vastly repaired my partnerships in family and business. I am thinking more clearly, am financially better off and have a positive attitude (most of the time!)"

*Ryan, aged 36

“I still find it hard. Sometimes I just crave the old oblivion. But at least now I have choices. Before doing the course I didn’t feel I had any choices, I was just on autopilot, unable to do anything different"

*Steven, aged 45

“30 days ago I had reached a low point. My drinking over the past 12 years had escalated to 3-4 bottles of wine per night, and I was losing my mind. Stress and self pity had become normal, and my marriage was breaking down. I didn’t know where to turn, so googled and found Grant. It was the single best thing that ever happened to me. I took off two weeks and buried myself in his program. I learnt life skills and coping skills that have not only made me never want to drink again, but be a better husband, father, boss and professional. My mind is clear again, the fog has lifted. I have never felt better."

*Dr S, aged 31

“I have gained a greater understanding of my own behaviour and consequently my life; why things have unfolded the way they have sometimes. I think I am consistently more positive and have tons more energy. I can distinguish the things in my life which matter and those which don’t."

*Alison, aged 48

“I feel like I have a whole new meaning on life. I feel blessed, enriched and rewarded.”

*Diana, aged 50

“Drinking and using drugs began socially for me. However by my late 20’s I was using drugs every day. It was how I coped with life. By the age of 34 I desperately wanted to stop using drugs. The negative impact it was having on my life was high. To an outsider I had a happy life — a good job, husband and a nice house etc but internally, I was at rock bottom. I was lying to my friends, family, work colleagues and I knew sooner or later, I would lose my career. I tried to stop using on my own but I eventually broke down and confided in a close friend who recommended that I see a counsellor — Grant Foster.

I went to Grant thinking I just had a minor drug problem but through intense counselling I learnt so much about myself and why I used drugs and drank alcohol in a way that was not normal. I learnt a new way of living and thinking and was given the tools to deal with life and emotions without the need for such vices. I have been clean and sober for 1 year and 10 months. I have not used a drug or drank since my first meeting with Grant. Today I love life and feel contentment and joy. I have achieved so much personally and professionally. I never thought this all was possible without drugs. My new high today is life.”

*Michelle, aged 35

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