About Augustus Clinic

Augustus Clinic has been providing specialist treatment for alcohol and drug related problems since 2008. Clinic Director Grant Foster saw the need for a private outpatient counselling service that could tailor flexible, 1-1 recovery treatment programmes for clients with busy lifestyles and family commitments.

Situated in historic Parnell, only a few minutes from Auckland's CBD, Augustus clinic provides a discreet and tranquil environment for clients to explore their relationship to alcohol and drugs.

Some of the services Augustus Clinic offers:

  • One to one counselling including intensive counselling programmes
  • Advice and support for partners, parents and loved ones
  • Arrangement of medically supervised detoxification
  • Relationship support and counselling
  • Written reports for legal and professional purposes

Augustus Clinic works with you to achieve fast and lasting positive results. You’ll gain renewed motivation to set and achieve goals and the confidence to deal with the daily demand of emotions and thought processes that can trigger addictive behaviour.

Clinic Director, Grant Foster.

About Grant

Augustus Clinic Director Grant Foster has worked as a alcohol and drug treatment professional for over 17 years. He holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science.

Grant worked in residential alcohol and drug services in Auckland before moving to Waitemata District Health Board where he was employed as a Triage Clinician for 4 years and Clinical Supervisor for 7 years. Grant was Lead Research Clinician for the National Addiction Centre’s TEAM (Treatment Evaluation of Alcohol and Mood) study.

Grant has become one of New Zealand’s leading alcohol and drug experts. His work in all areas of public health, non-government organisations and private practice — and his personal experience of addiction and recovery — has provided him a deep understanding of addiction problems and an extremely broad understanding of the most effective treatments.

Grant has appeared on both New Zealand and international television programmes such as 60 Minutes’ Inside New Zealand doco A Drunken State. Augustus Clinic featured on a Nigel Latta documentary that dealt with addiction and Grant was also recently interviewed by Aljazeera Television regarding the legal high debate in New Zealand. New Zealand magazines have also come knocking with Metro Magazine and N.Z. Woman’s Weekly both asking for Grant’s expert insight.

Contact Augustus Clinic

Augustus Clinic works to immediately reduce the negative impact alcohol and drug use has on your life. You’ll quickly learn the skills needed to tackle life without the need for substances and to prevent the harmful recurrence of addictive behaviour.

Call today, it will be the first step in achieving your goals, contact Grant anytime (24/7) in confidence on (09) 522 5206 or 021 959 202. You can also email