Alcoholism and addiction

Alcoholism and addiction are recognised as a disease by the World Health Organisation.

Alcoholism and addiction is a progressive problem that gets worse over time — never better.

Sometimes you may reduce your use, or even stop drinking for a time, but these periods are never sustained and often lead to the same or worsening levels.

Once you’ve lost control of your drinking or drug taking, you will never regain it. Overcoming this delusion is critical to changing your dependence on substances.

No one wants to believe they’re unable to control their drinking or drug use. Many believe they will just ‘grow out of it’ but an addict never fully recovers control of their drinking or drug use.

Addiction creates misunderstanding, fierce resentment, financial insecurity, disgust from friends and employers, sad partners and devastated families. The devastating effects of addiction are borne by those closest to us — our loved ones suffer equally.

You can learn how to control this disease.

Life has so much to offer when you’re fully connected to it. Augustus Clinic can help you take back control and create and sustain a sober and meaningful life.

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