Treatment Programme


Augustus Clinic is a private, specialist service offering one-to-one alcohol & drug counselling and recovery services. Client confidentiality is assured. There is no group work and Augustus Clinic is unmarked.

Our intensive alcohol & drug outpatient treatment programme incorporates family, significant other and community support. Grant works with you to set and achieve your goals, providing progress and accountability, as you create and sustain a sober and meaningful life.

Treatment goals and follow-up support is tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. Grant’s emphasis is for ongoing support, both at Augustus Clinic and in the community.

Integrative Treatment Model

Augustus Clinic’s integrative approach merges the twelve-step model of recovery with a customised programme designed to identify and eliminate the root causes of your ongoing issues with alcohol or drug use.

A comprehensive assessment is completed and then Grant tailors your programme accordingly, ensuring your specific needs and goals are met.

Augustus Clinic uses a combination of insight and skill development utilised from contemporary psychology and counselling techniques (including but not limited to):

  • Stress and Anxiety Management
  • Mindfulness — dealing with emotions
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy — challenging and reframing our thinking
  • 12 Step Facilitation

Psychiatry and follow up care Augustus Clinic works closely with other treatment practitioners including psychiatrists and psychologists specialising in different areas. Grant can refer you to these practitioners who are also located at Auckland Psychology in Parnell. Follow up care is available and many of our clients rebook appointments to assess their progress and check in after their programme is completed.

Family support In addition to working directly with people that are using alcohol or drugs, Grant is experienced in family support and care. Living with someone working through treatment or assisting them to seek treatment can make for a stressful and anxious time. Grant can provide one to one counselling to family or significant others whilst working with the person using alcohol or drugs. Alongside this Grant can assist with support to enable their family member or friend to seek treatment for their issues with alcohol or drugs.

Can’t afford time away? You don’t have to leave jobs, family, and community support for long periods. We will design the treatment programme that works best for you.

Live outside of Auckland? Not a problem. We can help to arrange short-term accommodation for the duration of your treatment.

Call Grant in confidence today and take that first step to recovery.

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Augustus Clinic works to immediately reduce the negative impact alcohol and drug use has on your life. You’ll quickly learn the skills needed to tackle life without the need for substances and to prevent the harmful recurrence of addictive behaviour.

Call today, it will be the first step in achieving your goals, contact Grant anytime (24/7) in confidence on (09) 522 5206 or 021 959 202. You can also email